Ann Marks is a single mom of 3 (including twins), who is devoted to changing the misconception that sleep is something you have to give up when you become a parent.

When Ann became a mother, she was shocked to learn how many parents accept sleepless nights as “normal” and a “rite of passage” into parenthood. Millions of parents are justifying sleep deprivation for themselves, their baby, and their entire family because they have been falsely led to believe the only way to get their baby to sleep is to let them cry.

Ann created The Full Feedings Method® to offer parents an alternative to traditional sleep training, with a “no cry-it-out” needs-based approach to infant sleep that can be safely implemented from birth and/or started at any age, as long as baby is still napping. She has spent the last several years helping thousands of families all over the world achieve consistent nighttime sleep, by simply ensuring their baby’s food and sleep needs are consistently and age-appropriately met. This is how we naturally establish nighttime sleep and she’d love to show you how.

She wants to make a full night of sleep possible to any parent who wants it and help parents go from surviving to thriving in their personal and professional lives.

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